Open IFC Model Repository

The aim of this repository is for it to be a location from which a wide variety of well analysed IFC-based data files can be sourced. It is planned that over time the number of data files will expand to provide significant coverage of the major aspects that would need to be tested for interoperability. In particular this would need to encompass data files for:

  1. All the major IFC versions that have been published and for which certified design tools exist
  2. All of the Model View Definitions (MVD) that have been published by IAI
  3. A wide range of sizes of building from small structures through to very large and complex structures
  4. A wide range of file sizes representing typical and small constructions through to very large models
  5. Coverage of particular elements from the IFC standard so that design tools developed for a particular construction process can ensure they can cope with typical objects for that process
  6. Construction data which has been analysed and proven correct as well as for files where known and well
  7. documented inconsistencies exist
  8. The certifying bodies published and analysed test files

Recently added models